VV Baptism Testimonies

Sierra Dupin

I honestly cannot tell you exactly when or how I understood I needed Jesus in my life. What I can tell you, though is why I need Jesus, because if I have Jesus in my life I know I’m not alone in this world and I will always have someone by my side no matter what. And I just appreciate the thought of having Jesus and my mother to depend on like that. Just as I would want Jesus to know that, I put him before all.

            In my opinion, I was very selfish before I had Jesus in my life. And to be completely honest I still am a little selfish, but I always try to think of others before I do anything, no matter what my action is, and that if the difference from before I had the Lord in my life to after. And I am proud to say that I am happy where I am right now because of our Savior. I mean of course I still want to grow and mature a little more, but for being 15 years old, and having to deal with sports and school, I am quite blessed to be where I am right now.

            How and why I received Christ as my Lord and Savior happened actually not that long ago. In matter of fact, the moment happened the other day at school. My friends were arguing about the importance of God. One of my friends was saying that his grandmother was put before Jesus in his eyes, which really irritated my other friend who argued that Jesus is our Savior and should be put in front of everyone, including family members. As embarrassing as it is to admit it I was on my friend Justin’s side at first, because at the time I believed, my mother should come first, because she was the one who raised me by herself and gave me life. But as the debate continued on I realized that my friend Jessica was right, because if Jesus did not sacrifice himself on the cross for all the sins of mankind, then my mom would most likely not be here, in which I wouldn’t be either. Now, my mom is a big blessing, who I am very blessed to have. She is also a close second, but I learned a couple of things that day from my friends’ argument. One both of my friends are very stubborn people and can never agree on anything! But the other is that Jesus should come before all, because if it was not for Christ’ sacrifice our sins would not be forgiven.

            My mother who has been coming to HDC on and off for six years was the one who helped me understand what to do. She was the one that helped me believe in Jesus, and the one that introduced me to this church. I am so blessed to have Jesus in my life, because everyday he blesses me with another healthy day of living. Jesus knows that I am not a perfect human and that I am trying my best to live by his example. And it is because of facts such as these, I am proud to call myself a Christian.