VV Baptism Testimonies

Seth Murphey

Though I grew up in a Christian family, I’m not sure I ever really understood Jesus. I went to summer camp in 2012 with HDC and realized that I had a lot of hatred towards people around me.  I knew that I needed to get rid of this, but though I tried, it never seemed to go away.  I was pushing away everyone that got close to me.  Then something changed, I began to hang out with some kids (Chloe, Daphne, Haley, and Trenton) that wouldn't let go of me and continued to move me closer to God.  They were there when my grandmother passed away.  She was the strongest Christian I had ever met.  With the influence of my friends and the influence of my grandmother, I gave myself to Christ and kept on giving my life to him.  I joined a HSM small group through HDC student ministries and from there felt like I was being moved me to be baptized.  However, I kept pushing it off due to school and family troubles. I just kept on feeling like no one really appreciated me and felt down for a while.  It seemed like I was unneeded in my family like I was just that extra person.   Through the midst of that, Jesus just helped me feel loved and needed in life. Because He was there for me, I told my family that I am going to be baptized as soon as possible.