VV Baptism Testimonies

Neftali Perez

I started going to church at 8years old, and I accepted Christ as my savior at 10 years old. I used to serve at the church in the children's ministry at 13 years old, but the church was too full so we branched off to a different location. We got a new pastor to lead the new location, he said I was not fully focused on God and kicked me off the children's ministry. This discouraged me and angered me.

I left the church and God for many years, I started going to church again at 18 years old. I realized that I was not fully committed to God, I just went to church to please my parents. I started going to HDC in October 2013, and we love it here. I repented and started following Christ on December 28th, 2013.  I decided to get baptized because I want to take the next step of obedience and for God to bless me and my family.  

My Life is different because I'm a lot more caring about my family. I no longer need anything but Jesus to be happy. I feel love in my heart that I was craving for and never felt before. I know God will mold me into a better person day by day.