VV Baptism Testimonies

Hannah Hough

As a child I grew up with God. I had an amazing life but there were troubles on the way. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I realized what was missing. My whole life I knew about God, but I didn’t quite know Him, if that makes sense. When I went to eighth grade camp, I realized that I had never let God into my heart. The speaker there was very inspiring and I guess he helped me realize what was missing. I prayed to God and I let him in my heart and I felt good, like nothing was missing.

When I left camp I was very upset, but also glad to be home. I guess you could say I was on a camp “high” as they say. I went on with my eighth grade year, but again I felt like something was missing and again I didn’t realize what it was. All through the school year I was waiting and waiting for high school camp. I was so excited when it finally came around to go because camp was always my favorite thing to do in the Summer.

 This last year it was my first time at Hume Lake. That whole week was very emotional for me. My best friend and I shared a bunk and we got into a fight. I honestly didn’t really have anyone to hangout with because I felt like I annoyed everyone. I felt so worthless that week. One night the sermon really got to me. It made me realize something, I have always known Jesus, but I never had a relationship with Him. That night I recommitted my life to Christ through prayer and I finally realized my missing piece was gone.

 When I went home, I realized for once it wasn’t a camp “high” it was real.  The week after camp, I went on a missions trip to San Francisco. I went through some obstacles, but I always put God first and had Him lead the way. While my group was handing out snacks, this homeless lady name Maria started talking to me. She was telling me how I was a leader and I didn’t know it yet and that she felt the Holy Spirit in me. From that moment on I knew that Jesus was in my heart for real this time.   

I grew closer to Jesus after that and I joined the high school band at church. I finally feel like everything is right and even though I still have tough days, God is always with me. I have decided that I am finally ready to be baptized. Its not the end of my journey with God, I still have a long way to go. He has a big plan for me with amazing opportunities and even though I don’t know what they are yet, I will soon.