VV Baptism Testimonies

Alicia Perez

I started attending church at a young age and learned about the gospel and that Jesus had died for our sins. The sacrifices and suffering Jesus went through for me showed me that I need Him to take away my sins. My life before I gave my life to Jesus was not very fulfilling, I had happiness but not the true happiness I feel in my heart now after allowing Jesus into my life. Even though I grew up with church, I didn't fully accept Christ as my Lord and Savior until a few years ago. 

After having so many misfortunes, family complications, and personal problems, I realize how much I needed to rely on Jesus to give me the strength during those times, and that I will continue to need Him in the future. My life is different now that I have Jesus. I feel I have guidance and that I have a purposeful existence. I have a sense of peace within me now, and I feel my heart is now more open. I feel so blessed that God is in my life.