VV Baptism Testimonies

Raushel Snedeker

I've been going to church since I was little. I've been going to this church for as far back as I can remember. Even as a teenager into a young adult no matter what road I'd find myself going down, I always found myself back here. For years always running back especially when something in my life would go wrong, to eventually one day to find myself asking..... Why? Why am I not living everyday, all day with him? Why am I not living for him, with him, every moment and praising him everyday for all his blessings. 2010 started a five year downward spiral. I lost one of my best friends in an accident which brought on a fear and depression. Leaning on the lord and his word was the only thing that pulled me out of that. 2014 was the worst year. I lost my grandfather in April, he was the only family member I had left in California that didn't live with me and we were very close. I love him very much. In that time I almost lost my house, which forced me to sell. During that time, for an unknown reason everyday while I was getting ready I would pray.. Lord, if there is something wrong with me, please heal me. He knew I was too scared to go get checked, and never would nor would I know what to do or say. I didn't have any real reason to think there was something wrong with me. He answered my prayers. I had a not so common accident after a work out session exposing a cancerous tumor attached to my large intestine. Two days prior to this my daughters lost their brother in a car accident, all while we were closing escrow and having to move. I ended up in the hospital awaiting surgery. Also landing on my daughters birthday, which she had to spend next to her mothers hospital bed. The Lords strength and support from my amazing friends and family who all got together and did the repairs on my house and packed up all my things and moved me while I was in surgery, and I was able to get thru my surgery and be released in time to be there for my daughters and their family. The love and support the lord showed me in that time was amazing and I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me. With him I have been able to over come so much and become so close to him and learn to love and support other as he has for me. I am still growing and will continue to walk with him everyday trusting in him. This last year, has been a year of repair. Loving and learning and supporting. Attending classes at the church, going to small group meetings, and now here I am ready to get baptized with my daughters. Raising my kids to love, to know, and to trust in Jesus as a savior is so important to me, so I am so happy to be here doing this together.