VV Baptism Testimonies

Ted Dunson


My life was not going anywhere.   I was always unhappy.  Everything around me was falling apart.  My mother passed away, we lost our home, I knew I could not do it by myself anymore, so I reached out to Jesus to help.  My life before Jesus was lost, full of sin.  I had hate towards the world and towards myself because I had no answers in life and everything around me was falling apart.

I came to Jesus when I was young but never understood what it meant.  I gave myself to Christ when my mother passed away on July 29, 2015.  Everything in my life was falling apart and I was feeling hopeless.  We lost our house.  I asked Jesus to save me from my sin and just giving up.

My mother helped me understand what I needed to do.  I watched her become so ill with cancer before passing away and she was always positive, happy and full of strength and laughter, telling her family to be strong.  Now, I care about life and living, and living for God.  I am happy all the time and I have learned patience.  People enjoy being around me because they see my attitude has changed.  God is great.  He will lift you out of the darkness of your sinful life and show you the path He has before you that leads us to Him and doing so will change your life forever.