VV Baptism Testimonies

Sheryl Hammonds

Well to start off with, I have been a believer of Christ all my life.  I grew up in a very bad home environment, had a lot of things happen to me as a young adult and I just turned away from God. I thought if there is a God, the things that have happened to me would have been prevented.

    So for many years I was bitter and angry with the world. Two years ago, on February 26, 2014, I was so lost and in need of something.  I got down and said a prayer in hopes God would show himself to me and He did. I was so grateful to the Lord for He answered my prayers.

    I began praying and reading my Bible more, but still felt empty; I was confused.  As time went on, I began talking with an old high school friend. Him and I have been friends for years. We began getting closer and had a long distant relationship; we are now married. God truly blessed me with a God fearing man, and we started going to HDC! It was a hit and miss thing though, we did not stay faithful to going.

    Back on the 27th of February of this year, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given 3 months to live. I felt that same anger with God again. I was not ready to lose my mom, and this was just before me and my new husband were to get married. I asked God to please allow my mom to see me get married and He did! As I watched my mother wither away it actually drew me closer to my Lord. I was hurting and He took my pain and brought me comfort. Without God I would not have made it during all this time. My mother passed only 2 moths after I got married. Twice now God answered my prayers. He showed me through the death of my mom that He is the All Mighty.

    I now attend HDC faithfully and I now have such a beautiful relationship with my Lord, all I want to do is share what He has done for me and all he has pulled me through. God was always there, even when I wasn't. I want to follow in Christ and get baptized to show my faith, my love, and my commitment to Him. I still struggle but it is much easier knowing Jesus is holding my hand.

    I'm so in love with the Lord and so thankful for his love and for his sacrifice on the cross, as we ALL may come to know him and have eternal life.