VV Baptism Testimonies

Robert Stepanian

            Before having Jesus in my life I felt like I was doing an un-balanceable balancing act. My focus was in all the areas of my life that I felt were important to me and some that were not. I had nothing more than the people around me to reflect off of as well as my own opinions to differentiate between wrong and right. I felt very spread thin without much progress in the areas that mattered most to me, fiancé, daughters, family and work.

            Since I was a child I went to church every Sunday and had faith in God, however it was a childs faith and although I always had God in the back of my mind I didnt know what it meant to follow Jesus and allow him to lead me. In the last 6 months my fiancé has taken me from the believe stage to the choose stage. With every problem that Ive come across, she has loved me through it and consistently tells me that I need God in my life to get my heart and mind right.

                After refocusing my heart and mind to try and live life through the example of Jesus and his teachings I dont feel as spread thin. I can see the difference in my daughters as well as the change in their treatment toward me, its a very positive and respectful. I have an appreciation for the teachings of the bible and that Ive learned at HDC. I know that I need Jesus in my life to be the man I need to be for my future wife, the father I need to be for my daughters and the friend I need to be to my friends.

            Without Jesus I feel lost and with Jesus I feel like Im on solid ground and know exactly who I am for myself and people around me.