VV Baptism Testimonies

Matt Kilburn

The summer before I became a Christian in 2013 I went to camp at Hume lake. The topic that year was the life and ministry Jesus, as the week went on it became clear to me that Jesus loved me enough to die for me. That December my step dad Steve asked me if we could pray for a dispute we had been fighting about for several weeks. It started out as a normal prayer that quickly took a left turn when Steve asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus into my life. After thinking about for a few seconds I realized that this was only one of the many storms that I would face throughout my life and without Jesus as savior and guide there was no way to get through them all. That night I went through the ABC's with my step dad and became a Christian. Since then I have all but stopped worry about problems that I face on a daily basis because I know that through Jesus no problem is to big.