VV Baptism Testimonies

Lulu Munoz

I realize I need Jesus Christ when I was depressed and it came to a breaking point of giving up. I was in a dark circle that took over my life. I had no hope until he called upon me.

My life was a total chaos. My marriage was in trouble, I had no money, no job and I was losing my home. I was in constant fights with my spouse. 

When I received the Holy Spirit and accepted our Lord as my only Savior was when he called upon me. One day I was almost late to pick up my daughter from school. After struggling to get out of bed, something told me I had to go to nearest church.  As I walk in there was a room full of people praying. I kept walking toward the alter and I fell on my knees and start to cry out loud.  When I lift my head, I see his presence in a beautiful purple color shade with stars. My heart felt a peace and reassurance that everything will be all right.

After this experience my life changed. My marriage is stronger than ever. I found a job that I love and been working for 5 years. We live in a new house. We pray each day and give thanks to Christ for all our blessings.

 The person that help me understand religion is my Oikos, my husband, and Jesus.  After being raised as a Catholic, you always thought you had to pray for other saints. After some time I realize I had to only pray for my Lord Jesus Christ. 

One thing I would say to all my family is to Believe in our lord and never lose hope.