VV Baptism Testimonies

Lisa Gwaltney

The main thing that led me to understand that I needed Christ to take away my sin and come into my life was the direction in life I was leading myself. I was lost and full of fear and anger. Four years ago, everything fell apart for me.  My father died, my marriage was falling apart, my children were unhappy,  and the list could go on.

  Just prior to this I began going to church services at HDC with my husband.  It was there in October of 2011 that my heart was opened and I began to understand. It was at a Church service when Pastor Tom shared the A.B.Cs.  He said it no different than any other time, but it was at that moment that I received Christ as my Lord and Savior.  My husband is the one who really helped me understand what to do as well.

 My life is very different now. It's simpler in a good way. I am happy and thankful for each moment because of what God has done in my life.  I am becoming a person I am proud of—the person God wants me to be!