VV Baptism Testimonies

Katelyn Arreola

Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I was raised in a home that believed there was a god but never did much to show that or represent that. We attended church for many years. I would always listen, but then so quickly would pretend like I hadn't heard a thing they were saying. My childhood wasn't easy and there were many things that I thought would scar me for life. There wasn't stability and I felt like I was just going through the motions. I slacked off in school, ditched class, hung out with tons of nonbelievers, went to inappropriate parties and lived in complete sin and also denial. I never thought that my sins were "that bad" until I was 19 and found out I was pregnant, outside of marriage. I was broken, lonely, hurt and looking for other ways to cover up all of those things. I was one of those people that believed that it wouldn't happen to me. I remember being so emotional that day thinking what was my purpose in life, like why am I even alive right now? I knew God was there. I always knew he was there! I was so afraid of what people would think of me and I fought with myself if I should continue going to church or not. I was so embarrassed. That day, April 18, 2013 I began to pray to God, all I knew was I was going to be a mother. I asked God to help me right where I was at and to come into my heart & life and consume every part of it! He says we will be purified and have eternal life. I wanted and needed that. Even though I was 19 and pregnant I knew that God had a plan for my life and that it would all be for the good! God used my little girl to save me and lead me back to him. I took a leap of faith and continued going to church, God was faithful in what he promised. He took me from that dark place and brought light into my life and proved that he would take care of every next step I was going to take in life! I thought my life was over but it had truly just begun :]  Over two years later My husband, Jacob, & I, are married, with two of the most precious kids ever! God has provided in every aspect of our life. I wake up everyday knowing I have a God who will never fail me! Jesus took every single one of our sins up to that cross with him and paid the ultimate price for US who believe in him and choose to follow him. That YES GOD will forever be my greatest blessing in life! I am so excited to get baptized here at HDC, I pray I will be an example to my children and show the world my love for Jesus Christ!