VV Baptism Testimonies

Jenise Munoz

I was always raised in a Christian home. I remember asking Jesus into my heart when I was 5 years old. It was in Sunday school, and surprisingly I can actually remember saying a prayer with my teacher.  My parents were both Christians who loved the Lord, and faithfully brought us to church twice and sometimes 3 times a week. I also went to a Christian School where we had a daily Bible class and chapel once a week. But as a kid, this all just becomes routine. It wasn’t until we came over to HDC that we learned about having a relationship with Jesus. I always just thought we had to be good and do what is right, never realizing God’s desire to be in relationship with us. 

Although I tried to live a life devoted to God, this became hard because I was unequally yoked. After a few years of doing my own thing, my marriage, which was always somewhat iffy, began to struggle. My husband at the time, who was also my high school sweetheart, decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. My heart was broken. Never had I experienced so much pain. I never thought I would be a divorced single mother. I never imagined I would become a statistic. Luckily, I was blessed with a great family and church who helped me get through this difficult time. I really had to learn to rely on Jesus to be my husband and my everything, and He is! During this time is when I really felt what it was like to be a child of God. I knew I was a Christian, but now I was actually experiencing everything I had always heard. I knew now, from my own experiences, God was real! God has blessed me with so much! I am so happy I went through what I went through! God has blessed me with a devoted husband who loves Jesus and his family more than anything! He has blessed me with three beautiful children! He restored all that the enemy tried to take from me, except he did more than I could’ve ever asked or imagined!