VV Baptism Testimonies

Haili Winter

I first found Jesus in 8th grade. I was at tribes and my group leaders Monica and Laura were talking about Christ, in the end they lead us in prayer and in those moments I realized how often I have heard of what God has really done for me but I never really registered it, until that moment. I remember hearing Monica helping us have God accepted into our life. I did in that moment.  I remember leaving that night feeling really happy and altogether content beyond words.

Before I found God I was really confused about what I was suppose to do in life.  I didn’t know how to have God shine through me. I always wanted to be a good Christian but I was never able to grasp it.

After I accepted God into my life I felt like I knew exactly what to do. So many questions I had were cleared. People always told me “Everything is because God died for us” and now I see what they mean.  I never truly felt or understood what that meant till then.

Through God questions have been answered and I am thankful for what he has done for me.