VV Baptism Testimonies

Ashley Woods

When I was five I was adopted by my parents, but I didn’t really know much about God. When I was six my biological mom passed away. I was so confused and hurt by the way my life was going. I started asking my parents questions about how this could happen to Robby and I, because I didn’t understand that God had a bigger purpose. My parents helped me realize that God was in control and had a plan for me. I believed Jesus was sent to die for my sins so that I could live with him in heaven. Right then and there I decided to accept Him as my Savior and live a life for Him! I can’t say I completely understand why my biological mom had to die or why my biological dad went to jail. However, I do understand it was all a part of God’s plan, and that my life is way better with the family that God chose for me and my little brother. God put my parents in my life for a special reason, a reason that helped determined where I will spend eternity! It’s all because of God and the parents God gave me that I am a Christian today.