VV Baptism Testimonies

Stephany Antonson

My name is Stephany Antonson and I’m 28 yrs old, born on Oct 7th 1987. Before I accepted Christ, I thought being a good person and helping others was enough. I thought I would never stray the wrong way or do anything bad. To be completely honest, I didn’t believe in evil or the devil. Recently, I completely fell to my lowest point in life. I felt like I had no purpose and was seeking acceptance, appreciation and admiration elsewhere.  I won’t go into details because it’s very personal, but I felt like my life was falling apart and my marriage was going down with it. Pastor Jeff gave a perfect description of what we are before Christ. We are lost with a black, cold and sinful heart and I had reached that point. For that reason, I want to make a true honest commitment to Christ. I want to surrender and completely give my life to Him. I made that decision February of 2015 and the past is history. I found that the only person I should seek acceptance and happiness is Christ. I need his guidance, his word, his love, his grace, his strength, his protection and his forgiveness. Since February, I think I’ve done a complete 180 especially as a wife. I struggle to be a Godly wife, but His word helps me so much to not be discouraged. Being submissive is not easy, but not impossible with the help of God. Another change, has been deciding how not to live life based on worldly things. I have to remember that life on earth is only temporary, but Heaven is eternal.

Finally, I would like to thank my husband and my father-in-law for bringing me closer to Christ and showing me that I need Him in my life.