VV Baptism Testimonies

Natalie Campos

Jesus redeemed us by taking our sins to the cross, giving us his righteousness.  It’s because of this exchange, god sees the spirit of Christ instead of just us in our “filthy flesh.”  Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, life felt empty, like there was something missing.  I was alive but not really “living”, happy but no “joy”.  After a bad divorce in 2011, I was left feeling broken, defeated and so betrayed.  I cried out to Jesus at my lowest point of sorrow and pain to help me overcome my emotional darkness and he did.  At that exact moment, church called my phone.  Once I accepted that Jesus heard my prayer that day, people (Christians) started introducing themselves to me and would offer to pray over me and my kids.  I started seeing bible verses everywhere, bumper stickers, shirts, windows, etc.  I would write them down and be comforted.  Although life can still be hard sometimes, knowing and feeling that Jesus has my back and pulls me through everything, gives me peace.  Once you start having a relationship with God, things just start falling into place.