VV Baptism Testimonies

Macy Arredondo

My name is Macy Arredondo and I understood that I needed Christ to take away my sins when I lost my second brother. I felt hopeless and depressed for a long time. I noticed I was dragging my family along this dark road. So I decided to go to church to find some happiness some where. Before I decided to believe in Jesus Christ I lived a rough life. At 17 I lost my older brother to a tragic car accident. I was so hurt I blamed God for a very long time. As time went on I got into drugs, alcohol and jail for drinking and driving. During this time my little brother got in a car accident and went to jail for murder cause the other person in the car died.

Not long before this I met my husband who is Christian. We got married and had kids. Together with his faith he brought me to the light, he gave me hope. I started praying and going to church, started feeling different in my heart. One day I came to church finally ready to surrender my life to Jesus and I did in the service that day. I felt hope, love, peace, faith, and whatever was ahead of me I can handle it with Jesus Christ on my side. I want to raise my children knowing Jesus Christ and accepting him as their Lord and savior.