VV Baptism Testimonies

Kyle Gallagher

I was raised in a Mormon family and was brought up to believe all of their beliefs and views of Christ. I knew that Jesus existed, but I did not fully understand Him. Christ needed to take away my sins because I did not believe in him as a person or a savior that could take away my sins. I struggled to believe that Jesus was the savior of the world. I thought he was a big spirit that hovered over us. I realized that I was missing something in my life and I had a empty hole in me and it kept getting darker and darker the more I feed into anger, sin, bad thoughts, and most of all communication with the Lord, to the point where I did not believe. That’s how I know I needed to become better and happier in my life or I would be destroyed.

My Life, before I knew Jesus and gave it to Jesus Christ, was lost. I felt like a little boy lost from home all the time and no sense of direction. I was going one way then another then another. I had no idea who I was, what I was capable of and how to become a man and grow into a better and stronger one. My faith and meaning to life was like the sand at a beach washing back into the sea, until I was lost in the deep abyss of the ocean. I couldn’t find my way and couldn’t escape this heavy darkness that was falling on me. I had sparks of happiness in my accomplishments of the world, but they would last for a while then leave and I would be pushed back down to my abyss again.

When I was ninety years old I decided to take a mission trip to South America in Chile, well I was forced to go by my family. I was there for 2 years and learned about myself and what God had instore for me and my life. I remember eight months into my mission trip I was reading a passage in the Bible about Christ's suffering in the garden of Gethsemane and the pain and loneliness he felt, hit me so hard, it put into perspective that Jesus was a man. He was a man that felt pain, suffering, and hurt, and most of all he has been alone, when God forsake him that day so he could tell me that he has been through what I was feeling. I finished that passage and was so overwhelmed with joy that I knew that Jesus was real and he is real and an actual living person that loves and cares about me and my struggles in life. I have a savior and I wanted to jump up and tell everyone that he lives and he can take away all your problems and bring you back to the surface and make you the strongest man there is in the world. After that day in Chile, my mission trip was all about finding out who Jesus was, his life, his attributes, and how i can input them in my life. I was truly a boy before but now I am a man, a man of God that is not lost and has a path and no matter what type of physical strength I get in, I am nothing without Him,He is my rock and my strength. He brought me out of the deep dark depths of the sea of misery and brought me to the surface and gave me a rock where I can stand always and see the light. Where I can see myself heading towards him no matter how rough the storm ahead. I have my rock and He will never let me fall or go back in the depths as long as I remember Him and his teachings. I never want to go back to the way I was. I want to be the man that God and Jesus want me to be.

When I returned from my ministry I decided to make some changes in my life that my family were a little surprised about because they do not accept Jesus the way I do. So I left the traditions of my family and followed my heart which lead me to my beautiful wife. Her love and compassion for me was amazing. She showed me the way to the Christian faith even more and has been my support the whole way leading to this day of baptism. She has been my best friend

and has let me grow more in my faith by taking me to church the way I know how to believe in Jesus. She has truly been my second rock from keeping in the depths of misery.

My life is amazing and has just climbed upward since I decided to commit my life to Christ. I have started a beautiful family and was blessed with a job and house for my family. My wife is able to stay home and take care of my kids so they can grow in the Lord through her eyes and family faith. I have sored beyond all belief and more than I could have ever thought possible. I had a little grain of sand of faith in God that day in Chile and now I see it has literally moved mountains in my life to where nothing is impossible. I can walk proudly in Jesus knowing He is enough and He is holding me up everyday in my life and I can go be for Him and be able to conquer anything.

Jesus is my savior and my everlasting God and I want to be reckless in Him so he can use me to bring others to Eternal Life.