VV Baptism Testimonies

Julie Hernandez

My story is quite long. I was in an abusive relationship for many years. I did some things I'm not proud of. I lied I cheated I stole. I don't know if that was my way of coping but it was wrong. I knew I could not handle it on my own. Feeling very stressed sad anxious and depressed. I went to church and classes to try to understand my pain. I finally realized that I needed The Lord in my life. That I could not do this alone. I made a decision to leave my abusive husband and take my daughter so we could be safe. I prayed to The Lord to give me strength to make it on my own and never go back to that kind of life. About 18 months ago I met Pastor Jeff Barbour at a Sunday service. I was severely stressed depressed with high anxiety. He talked to me and really helped me realize it was going to be ok. Since then I have attended small groups my daughter attends youth group and is part of Student Ministries. Life is much calmer I have faith that The Lord is in control. My life without the Lord was so unhealthy it was hectic chaotic and sad. I'm so blessed to now have him in my life. I praise him everyday for loving me. I'm very thankful for HDC and all they have done for my daughter and I.