VV Baptism Testimonies

Dereck and Aracely Espinoza

Hello our name is Dereck & Aracely Espinoza,

I have always known about the idea of Jesus, the idea of the church, and the idea of being what i thought was a good person. Boy was I wrong. Ill skip all the childhood stuff because this is meant to be about how we're here now. I was a person that had a heart and felt bad when things were sad or unfortunate, when it wasn't involving me. I've done some pretty stupid things in my life. I'm not a drug addict ,or a gambler , or alcoholic, or any of the traditional faults. I'm worse, I'm someone that thinks he can solve anything by myself. I've been divorced and remarried I have 3 boys of my own and now I have 2 more girls and another son. My youngest son was born with a rare genetic disorder. I was in the Army and decided to get out because we were told that he wouldn't make it past his 1st year. He is now 19. I love that little boy so much. No matter how bad my day is he lights me up. I also have a new wife that makes me wonder why i was ever so lucky to meet her. She has 3 beautiful kids that are also amazing. My childhood was not very good. Poor no home, divorced parents, moms dead don't know my real father..... blah blah blah. Same sad song. But i never got into the things my family did. Although I didn't realize it at the time it was the Lord keeping me from that. But because i was "the person to fix my own problems" I just started to keep that as my focus rather then God. Fast forward to last April. Things just started to fall apart, arrangements with my wife to much drinking without eating, wrong thing to do by the way. Just nothing seemed to work for us. Money problems, bill problems, job problems, more and more problems. Nothing was getting better. But remember i was the person that could fix all my problems. I tried praying and we even went back to our roots as Catholics. WE still were not getting anything out of it. I mean there was a thirst ,and a hunger so to speak for the word of Christ. We didn't hear him, we didn't feel him, we were not going in the direction we were supposed to. Then we found HDC, and were like finally!!! We started to feel the Lord. We started to see the word, understand the word more. OUR  eyes and heart were opened. The Lord started moving us around putting us places were we NEEDED to be not necessarily where we WANTED to be.  My Aunt Sylvia ,My Uncle Rick , My Aunt Alice all led me to the Lord in the way it should have been done.from the beginning. I wasn't asking him for more money, or more things. I was asking to to have more time for my family, more time to learn the word, more time for church. My job wasn't stable, wasn't predictable as far as time was considered. I meet some guys that presented me with an opportunity. It was a decent job. But it moved into something else. All the time it kept evolving, kept changing. It wasn't anything i was doing ,it wasn't anything i was saying , nor was it anything i had any control over. I pray everyday for the Lord to show us what we are supposed to do. To steer me in the way that i can do his plan. As i said earlier I was the person to fix my own problems. I know now today that everything in our lives are because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have learned that sometimes when we pray "LORD PLEASE HELP US LORD PLEASE PROVIDE FOR US. I HAVE THIS HUGE MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB THIS HUGE THING IN FRONT OF ME. PLEASE HELP ME MOVE IT" Just be prepared he will answer your prayers. However, don't be surprised if He doesn't hand you a SHOVEL.