VV Baptism Testimonies

Carinn Rodriguez

I grew up in a Christian home so it was easier for me to know Christ. I always loved going to church and ever since I was little I knew I needed Christ to take away my sin, but it all never really occurred to me until this one specific time in fifth grade. Before I gave my life to Christ things were alright, I never really paid attention to myself, I was mostly just focused on school and what I wanted to do in my free time. I had struggles, just like every other human as well.

I accepted Christ when I was at a normal kid’s church service in Beach House. I was sitting in the gym during beach house and the pastor talked about giving our life to God, and if we wanted to do so, to say this prayer. I remember praying it in my head, feeling great knowing that I had just taken a leap of faith in my walk with God. I did it because I knew that he was the only one, the only way, he created us all to live for him and worship him. I’ve talked about it with my parents before I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior but I didn’t really understand it 100 percent until that church service. After I accepted him into my heart I stayed connected with him, by praying and having family devotion. In about 7th grade and even 8th grade I didn’t really read the Bible as much as I could’ve. I hardly read it, besides when I went to small groups and on Saturdays, but I very rarely had alone time with God. That was until one of my close friends passed away. She was very young and was someone who would light up a room because she was always positive and smiling no matter what. Even when her brother who was her best friend passed away, she continued to stay positive. When I was around her I could feel God’s love and light just shining through her. When she passed away I felt terrible and always felt down, but I remembered the way she loved God and how she smiled through the hard times and I truly realized that all of those smiles were God helping her and holding her up through those tough times. I wanted to live a life as great as hers, sharing God’s love and joy with the world. I started reading the Bible a lot more and had a personal relationship with Christ.

Ever since Jesus is in my life I’ve felt a lot happier and stronger as a person. Even though I did have a period of time where I wasn’t as connected with him, I still knew he loved and cared for me. It’s like someone was always by my side even if I felt alone.  Having Jesus in my life has helped me to love others as He does and to live a life of purpose.