VV Baptism Testimonies

Bryan Katz

Through my loving parents I’ve always known I needed Jesus to take away my sins. It is because of them and my grandparents I was brought up to know Jesus and the miraculous things he’s done. However, I would not officially accept Christ as my Lord and Savior until summer camp where I would do so with my camp counselor, my future brother-in-law. Before I accepted him I was associated with the wrong kind of people and it was always a battle with the mind and soul even over just a curse word. After our meaningful conversation I was able to understand the very importance of why I am here on this earth and just asked God for forgiveness. During this moment, I felt relieved and it brought me closer to my Lord and Savior.  Now that Jesus has been officially in my heart I have always felt strong and confident that through him I can do all things as I trust in him with all my heart.