VV Baptism Testimonies

Toni Glenn

I'm choosing to follow the Lord for myself and my family. I grew up in the church for years and in my teen years fell out. I lost my youngest brother and dad in two separate incidents within a year and I was angry at God for that. I have had to realize he needed them and I needed to become his child and live for him so I can reunite with my family in Heaven. My husband and I have been trying for a child for nearly 10 years with a loss along the way. Today we have a 15 month old and I believe Jesus gave this child to us when he felt we were ready. So many amazing things have come our way and I need to thank him, the Lord. It's time to forgive and move forward with so much in my life and I'm excited about it.  HDC makes me happy and I know the holy spirit is with me every time I step in the church. I'm so pumped up for the future.  Thank you so much for showing my family the way.