VV Baptism Testimonies

Sal Cervantes

My good friend Brandon started to share bits and pieces of the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout our friendship. He would also invite me to church every once in a while, I finally took him up on the offer. I went to church and heard the same Good News again. I was gravely convicted the following weeks, knowing that I was without Christ. I desired to have God in my life and Brandon told me how to accept Christ, but he always warned, that God knows the true intent of the heart, and can see past whatever facades we outwardly present to Him and others.

As time passed by I kept on going to church. However I did not accept Jesus Christ that same week. Mostly because I thought I needed to fix myself before I accepted our Lord and Savior. Unknowingly that Jesus tells us, “Come as you are.” So, one night I was driving home from school and decided to turn on the radio. At that moment a pastor was preaching his sermon, he was talking about how amazing our God is. Then tears started running down my face.  That was when I asked Jesus, to forgive me for my sins and to come into my heart. I prayed, and said to God, that I fully and completely chose Him, and wanted Christ to take over my life. I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and kept on crying heavily, aware that Jesus Christ was totally INNOCENT, and chose to surrender His Life at Calvary for my sin.