VV Baptism Testimonies

Nicole Chicaul

Before I accepted Jesus Christ my life was complicated. I was baptized in the Mormon religion at the age of 17 because my mom told me it would make me closer to my stepdad. I realized later on that I didn't need that to be close with him (he was an amazing man) and that I did it for the wrong reasons. I never really felt like I fit in at that church. From the age of 16 till 22 I went through lots of stages. I wasn't heading in the right direction and I always felt like this is not the way my life is supposed to be, and there was something missing.

My life changed when I met my husband and we started having children. I find myself losing my patience and raising my voice with my children (not all the time, but I vowed I would never do that to my children). I still struggled with envy, jealousy, resentment, and mostly anger. We were invited to church by the Landini's, and started attending regularly. I started seeing a difference in myself as we started attending and I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. I still struggled but not as often, until Kerri Landini invited me to the Women of Faith. At the time I was expecting this moment of overwhelming feelings to just sweep over me. It wasn't until we left and I started reflecting on what had happened over those last two days, that I realized I hadn't fully accepted Jesus into my life. That I needed him if I wanted to be the person I know I am.

Ever since then I feel like a whole new person. When I would normally get angry about something and lose my temper, I am not. I hear the Holy spirit telling me to calm down, this isn't something to get angry about. My thoughts of anger are washed away and I get this feeling of peace that washes over me.  It is so hard to put into words the feelings of complete peace and love that I have since giving my life to Christ.