VV Baptism Testimonies

Mike Brooks

Ten years ago it was drugs, prison, promiscuity, homelessness and despair. I was empty and felt all alone. Little did I know that empty feeling was a God sized hole that only He would be able to fill. As time went on I continued  to struggle with my heart. Knowing there was my creator I fought anyways.

 In February of 2012 my youngest daughter was born with special needs and I wanted to run and give up. My fear driven anger was ramped in my life as I walked further away. I divorced my wife, Ryleih's mom, and tried soothing my soul with stuff. In November two years ago I was still enough to hear God speak to me . As a result I ditched the stuff and collected the family back and will be remarried to the same woman on September 26th. His miracle for sure. His love and my first steps of obedience .

So here I am today a sinner with a heart for Jesus . The way to the Father