VV Baptism Testimonies

Michael Snow

Before…What led me to understand that I needed Christ to take away my sin is that I’m a sinner…and that my sins cannot be absolved until I admit them and need my savior, Christ, to help me understand and forgive my wrongs.  I realize that I must become the person that Jesus created in order to follow him and be saved.

My life before Christ is and was imperfect, although I’ve tried to a good person…taking a job of nobility as a firefighter/paramedic to help those in need, I still found myself empty, cold and displaying undesirable behaviors – all things sinful and often hurtful to those I love and loved. I wanted to be someone that created “change”…I wanted to fix everyone else, but found that I was in need of the fixing. 

How, When, and Why…

I received Christ as my savior through my friend, Jennifer, in March 2013. Prior to Jennifer being in my life, I had been married to a wonderful woman, Michele, for 20 years. Michele was a wonderful, caring, supportive, and loving mother – I couldn’t have asked for more. As time had past and our marriage became comfortable, I became complaint in thinking that my marriage would always be there no matter what I did and I began to give more attention to others than my wife…. you see I was unfaithful and very hurtful at times both mentally and verbally. It wasn’t until I was hospitalized and released to come home and find that my wife had past away in our bed that my actions – my sins might have contributed to her passing.

After a number of months had past amidst my terrible grieving, pain, and prayer. A dear family friend, Jennifer, came to my side in support and helped me to realize that Christ was my savior and that I seek him. I needed to “change”, I needed to follow in Christ and change my perception of life as my path was destructive, my thoughts impure, and my actions hurtful.


Since taking Christ into my life, I found myself filled with more joy, guidance, kindness, and patience. Following my own path was filled with what I wanted – not what I was created to be.  Having taken the baptism class and learning the ABCs, it reaffirmed with me that a “Heart of Flesh” is what I strive for and can only achieve it through Christ. 

I truly believe that Christ died for my sins, and that is he risen for me to follow and become the person he has created me to be… I can only be saved by choosing Christ and to better understanding his words. I declare my faith in Jesus and want to follow his example.