VV Baptism Testimonies

Lee Chicaul

I grew up in a Christian family.  I remember watching and listening to all the lessons from our family churchstarting around the age of 4.  But they hadn't taken effect until I moved to the high desert at age 11.  I would ask my dad on anything I had questions about, one ofthem being baptizing. He told me when I find a church that feeds your spirit and you believe Jesus is your Savior, then it's time.  That's whenI decided that everything I've learned were true and that Jesus did live, die, and was resurrected for me. But as young as I was I hadn't fully accepted Christ and had several years of back sliding and situations that I'm not proud of at all. It wasn't until our friends, the Landini's,  invited us to HDC.  After the lesson(on Rte 66) I felt that same feeling that I felt back when I was 11, and then I knew it was time to devote my life to Christ snd to call HDC my church. My family has never been better. I now know that no matter how many ups and downs in my life, Christ will always be guiding me to whatever he has planned for me.