VV Baptism Testimonies

Coralyn Ayala

Hello, I am a daughter of the creator I call God. I have been a follower of God since I was young. I was six years old when I fully understood who Christ is. Being at a Christian school and hearing the amazing stories about God led me to want to take away my sin. I knew there had to be a purpose for me on earth. I loved how He treated everyone equally. He does not love me any less because of the sins I have made. He died on the cross and took the burden of everyone’s sin so we can all be saved and live an eternal life. My parents and teachers helped me to understand I can be saved from all my sins by accepting Jesus into my heart. This past year has been the most emotional year of my life. If I did not have God in my life through the darkness I would not have seen the light. I want to be obedient to the Lord and follow his teachings. He describes in the Bible that if we follow Him, He will make us fishers of men. I hope I can capture the hearts of many in this world. The world is so imperfect but having God in my heart makes me see the world so perfectly. I want to commit my life to God and love Him eternally.