VV Baptism Testimonies

Chenee San Marcos

I realized that I wanted to live a life with a belief that there is something more than the materialistic, technology-ran, money-hungry world we currently live in. I have always believed in God, but growing up, I was consumed by goals such as finishing college and making an enough living for myself. After achieving that goal, it just seemed like I was living aimlessly- without substance. I started going to church to seek what’s missing in my life.

 I was baptized as an infant, but I honestly dreaded coming to church because it felt like I was being forced and it was just something I had to do, as if it was a responsibility. I have always believed in Jesus as my savior, my Father; when something wasn’t going right or I needed help, He is my constant confidant. I can tell the whole world, I’m fine and everything is great. But God knows what’s really in my heart and mind. I was talking to a friend, Michelle, one day, and she told me about HDC. I started coming around February of 2014. I want to do more than just coming to the services every Sunday morning; I would like to be an instrument in terms of volunteering my time with the church.

Since I started coming to church on a more regular basis, whole-heartedly- not dragging my feet, I feel closer to Jesus. I learned to let go of my fears and let God lead my life. I don’t just come to him for forgiveness and for my sorrows, but also with a full, grateful heart and belief that He has a plan for me however things are going in my life.