VV Baptism Testimonies

Brittany Sanchez

What lead me to understand that I needed Christ to take away my sins was when I started understanding a lot more about Christ and what he did from our sins. When i started gong to High Desert Church I would listen to the pastors and hear the amazing stories and watching others get baptized that’s when that’s when I said ''dad I want to get baptized and take the next step in following Christ now that I understood more''. 

My life before I actually accepted Christ was pretty challenging I lived with my mom after my parents had divorced and felt a closer connection with my dad. Living with my mom at the time was something i didn’t really like and did not want. She worked a lot then later married another man after she stopped working for certain reasons and i i didn’t like the man at all he was very strict and wanted every thing his way. my mother was also catholic and wanted to force me to do certain things in her religion I didn’t want to do it because I meanly didn’t understand it. About a year ago around this time my dad got custody of me and I was so happy I love living with him and will always be thankful to Christ that he gave me the dad that I have because he is amazing and I don’t quite have to best relationship with my mom. My dad always took me to church and would always try to explain things to me. Now that I fully joined Christ in my life I fell like he has helped me to be so much happier and he has always shown me the right paths in life and is always there for me. I want to show my loyalty and faith to Christ and have him lead me in the right paths in life.