VV Baptism Testimonies

Ben Hulley

In my mid 20’s I met someone that invited me to go to church with her and from the beginning it seemed like every sermon was directed to me. That’s when I started to think there must be something to this. I started learning more about God and his love and realized the path I was headed down was not the path I wanted.

Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ my life was just self destructive. I partied a lot and only thought of myself. I had a "do what feels good" mentality. 

I received Christ as my Lord and Savior after having a break up with a fiancee. I just felt like I hit rock bottom. One day I broke down crying and I asked God for help and suddenly I felt this moment of peace come over me. That next Sunday at Church I said a prayer to invite God into my heart and my life. 

I still continue to have people help me understand what to do. Before I accepted Christ as my Savior, my dad set good examples of what it looked like to serve others. At the time when I first accepted Christ in my life, the pastor of the church was a good influence and now my wife and friends continue to help me grow as a Christian.

Now that Jesus is in my life I feel like I have a purpose. I make better choices and feel more at peace with life. I know I can rely on God to get me through and I can cast my fears onto Him. I have grown to be a better, stronger, more loving person. 

Growing up my dad would take me to church, but I consistently rejected the idea of it. As a teenager and young adult I did some really dumb things that could have either drastically changed my life or ended it, but despite my rebellion God had a plan for me and he never gave up on me. He continued to love me despite the things I said or did. Without God I wouldn’t have my amazing wife and children or be where I am now.