VV Baptism Testimonies

Adrienne MGinnis Hulley

I grew up in a Christian home and attended church regularly. With my mother church was always made a priority and conversations about God were plentiful. Every other weekend I visited my father and his wife whom were agnostic and lived a very worldly lifestyle. Over the years I would witness my mothers relationship with God grow and change. At the same time, I began to witness my fathers worldly lifestyle take a toll on our relationship, on his health, and on his second marriage. My mother would frequently admit her faults and reminded me that I needed Christ's forgiveness to cover my sins. I can't pinpoint the exact moment in my life that I understood that I needed Christ. By the time I was in my early teen years I began to fully understand the importance of accepting Christ. I had witnessed the devastating effects that trying to live life away from Christa had on my father and knew I wanted a different path for myself.

It is hard to imagine life without Jesus Christ. Having been raised in church and accepting Christ at a young age there hasn't been a definitive turning point for me. There have been times in my life where my walk was not where it should have been. I can say that those times reminded me of my weakness and only served to later strengthen my faith.

I remember being about 8 years old and realizing that accepting Christ was a choice and not something that could be forced on me. Parents get to say "because I told you so" about many things but this wasn't one of them. It was at this point I believe I accepted Christ as my savior for the first time on my own accord. I needed Christ as my savior because his perfect sacrifice would wash away my sins.