VV Baptism Testimonies

Aaron Ullah

Before I gave my life to Christ I pursued control over my life and was confident that I knew what was best for myself. That being said I remember my life being filled with opposition and obstacles that countered this mentality and I didn’t understand why this was happening; I don’t remember the events specifically, but I do remember the season of feeling lost, confused, empty, and alone. I knew that life didn’t have to feel this way, I just didn’t know the solution.

            Not too long after this realization that I am more than this feeling of loneliness, my friend (and now wife) Sara invited me to HDC. I had been before, but never gave it my full attention and would often leave not remembering the message. Just before the offering that day, the pastor prayed that we just focus on the Lord and let Him speak to our hearts; for the first time I wanted that so deeply. Almost instantly after that prayer, I had this clarity and attentiveness, and through the message that night, I realized how much love God has for us, how we’ve been adopted into his family through Jesus Christ, and that I was never alone.

            That night I prayed the ABCs; I admitted that I am a sinner, I believed that Jesus is my Savior, and I chose to follow Jesus. What seemed like this enormous burden that I had held onto my whole life was now gone and this clarity remained in me. I knew that the plan I had for myself was nothing compared to the plan that God had for me and most importantly I knew that I wanted to give God control of my life. Now that Jesus is in my life I no longer feel lost, confused, empty, or alone. I know that his strength is made perfect through my weakness.