VV Baptism Testimonies

Trina Rich

Growing up in a Christian home it was taught from a young age that accepting and believing in Christ was necessary to take away my sin.  Before I gave my life to Christ I was searching for Christ.  I prayed often and I would accept any invitation from friends or family to attend their church.

 I was attending a church service about 7 years when I decided to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior.  The pastor asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus, and if so to come up to the front.  I waited until after the service and went up to talk to him and then he prayed with me and I accepted Jesus that day.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church and I prayed to God to help me feel worthy.   I read in the bulletin and it said that the baptism class was coming up.  I had seen that many times and felt I wasn’t ready yet because I wasn’t “good enough.”  But, after praying, I remembered all the things I have learned that I will never be good enough on my own, and that we cannot do good deeds to earn forgiveness for our sins.  The message that day was about overextending ourselves.

I recognized that I cannot do it on my own and when I need help or feel down I need to just pray to God and give my problems to Him, and have faith that He will take care of it in His time.  I know I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to it.  This is just the beginning.