VV Baptism Testimonies

Sienna Schmidt

About a year and a half ago a friend a friend of mine took me to church with her one night and I loved everything about it, so I started to attend regularly with her, as well as, a few other friends. While attending services there were times during worship that I would become completely consumed and overrun by my emotions that tears would just start to stream down my face. I didn't know it yet, but it was those moments that eventually led me to Christ. 

It wasn't until months later that I realized that those moments of raw emotion was Christ knocking at my door asking me to let Him in. It was then, in that realization, I could clearly see how desperately I needed Jesus in my life, because I needed to be saved from my sins. I could admit that I needed a Savior and I believed that Jesus was the only way, but I didn't understand how to fully commit my life to Christ. I attended the baptism class and there I understood how to choose to follow Jesus and after I left the class I made the decision to follow Jesus.

Before I accepted Jesus as my Savior I was selfish and impatient and when I got angry it was hard for me to forgive, but Jesus has shown me how to be at peace with others and myself. He has shown me how to give compassion and forgiveness, just how I received it from Him. And He has shown me how to love unconditionally, just like He loves me. He saved me from myself and I’m excited to watch him work in my new oikos as I move away and attend college.