VV Baptism Testimonies

Lawrence Penserum

In 2007 I had been a heavy smoker and drinker for over 20 years.  My home life was miserable. My kids’ mother and I weren't getting along and our kids weren't being provided for like they should have been.  Everything in my life was chaos.

When it was just “me and my girls,” I knew I had to change.  I knew I could never be the Dad they deserved if I didn't clean up my life, and that I wouldn't be strong enough without God’s intervention.  I asked God for the strength to overcome my weaknesses and he took them away.  I've been clean for over 7 years.  I've gotten married.  My daughters live with us and my life has never been better.  I want my girls to always know that they are never alone in this world, and that with Jesus no problem is ever too big to overcome.