VV Baptism Testimonies

Lana Rich



My mom and dad told me about God.  They took me to church and I learned all about Him and His Son, Jesus.

I decided to follow Jesus when I learned that He died for us.  I learned how He told us all about God and how He lived a sin-free life.  He wasn’t royal, He wasn’t rich, He lived a normal life, but He still suffered and died on the cross.

It was a normal hot day when I was 10 (which I still am) and I was at church.  We were talking about how bad it is to sin.  Around 2 minutes after, our pastor said if we wanted to be baptized we needed to complete an A B C packet to let Jesus into our life.  I admitted that I was a sinner and I prayed to the Lord to let Jesus into my life.  I still remember August 3rd, 2014 when I let Jesus into my life.  I was at my church. I let Jesus be the boss of my life because, as I said, He died for us and He loves us even though we were the ones who tortured Him by our sin.  I knew letting him into my heart was right, and I trust Him.