VV Baptism Testimonies

Caydon Brandt

I learned about God from my mommy and daddy.  They have taught me that being good for God is the most important.  I love God so much because He is my Savior and He forgives me if I do bad things. 

I accepted God into my heart on February 22, 2013.  My mommy read the prayer as I repeated after her.  I know God is always watching over me and keeping me safe.  I want to go to heaven to see him.  I am thankful He is in my heart now. 

I am excited to go to church on Sundays to worship and praise God through the music and dancing. I am in a small group on Sunday morning with other 3rd graders.  I like to talk about God with them and set a good example for them, my friends, and family.  I pray every morning before I go to school.