VV Baptism Testimonies

Carol Soupene

My husband and I began attending HDC with our son and family who have been attending a few years.  (We just moved back to California from Kansas).  I have always prayed and believed in Jesus.  I have always tried to be a good person.

On Valentine's Day 2014, my mother unexpectedly passed away.  I prayed and prayed, but I just knew and felt that I had to be baptized.  I felt an extremely strong urge to learn more about Jesus, and wanted to be close to Jesus and commit to Him.  I wanted Jesus totally in my heart.

 I attended the Baptism class and learned that I need Christ to take away my sins.

Pastor Jeff helped me understand what I needed to do.  I asked Jesus to take my sins away and give me a new heart.

I feel relief, calmness, and joy of knowing I will be with Jesus forever.

In closing, I feel so happy I have made the decision to be baptized, and that now I understand what it means to follow Him.  I am with Jesus, now and forever!