VV Baptism Testimonies

Ariel Slater

I grew up off and on with going to church when I was little, but once I moved up here to the high desert that changed.  It was my first school year up here, I was in 7th grade and on January 27th,2010 my Grandma passed away. My grandma was the most important person in my life and the foundation of faith for our family. Her and I had a special bond that no one else had in our family. It hit me hard that she wasn't going to be around anymore. At that moment my family knew she was up in heaven with Jesus.  From when that happened, I was getting really bad anxiety and still do. I never had it in till she passed away. I started to feel selfish when it came to her.

I started to have issues with the real world when it came to my anxiety. At times I wont say anything to anybody even if I'm suffering through it because my mind wants to deny that its happening. At my lowest point when I was struggling and afraid, Jesus drew me to himself.  I called out on him with a prayer when I felt my anxiety start to overwhelm my body. I knew that he could save me if I just let him. I acknowledge that God sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can be saved from my sin and have eternal life.

I received Christ as my Lord and Savior by letting him into my life and helping me through my struggles and opening my eyes to everything around me that I never realized or focused on before. He brought me to church every weekend and I must say that it is like a second home to me. I feel so safe and embrace so much love from him during worship.  I received it a half year ago because that's when I was tired of going through my anxiety all alone with the fear of it happening everyday on the simplest things in this world.My Mom helped me understand what to do and Jesus was the answer all along.

Since Knowing Him, Jesus Showed me that I am not alone and that I can get through my anxiety. I admit that I was selfish when he took my grandma and it made me struggle with anxiety but I believe that he cleanses me and died for our sins. He loved me at my lowest point and rescued me from myself and eternal separation from him.