VV Baptism Testimonies

Alyssa Pollard

My mom first introduced me to Christ by saying prayers with me and singing Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves All the Children every night. I have been going to HDC since I was born and have learned a lot at church too about Jesus.

When I was 7 years old, I was wondering one day if Jesus is SO BIG how does he live in our hearts – Does he have like a mansion in there or something? So I asked my mom. She explained what it means to have Jesus live in our hearts and how to accept him.

That day I prayed with my mom and asked Jesus into my heart but started crying because I was so happy. I wasn’t 100% sure that he was in my heart because I didn’t finish saying it out loud. Then a year later I asked my sister Kayla if my prayer really counted because I didn’t say it all. She said, “Well lets just ask him into your heart again right now to be sure.” She prayed with me and I said it ALL this time, then we went and told my mom.  

I decided to make Jesus the Boss of my life, because I want to go to Heaven, do right things and be forgiven for my sins. Now I pray for all my friends that they would all be saved.