VV Baptism Testimonies

Wayne Loux

My testimony starts only a couple of years back with help from several friends and family. I noticed that they had some ways or natural skills to live, cope and be at peace. One friend was very persistent (but not pushy) about how God finds us, improves our attitudes, and teaches us love and forgiveness.

Many of my behaviors needed changing, and I knew I needed help. Some friends suggested prayer and meditation, so I started with “I could overcome and show change.” (notice that I was still thinking “I” could do this). Some things began improving, such as my wife’s forgiveness and support, putting God first, being grateful, humility, not quite as selfish, and others. Several months of this had passed by, and then I started tagging along with my daughter to services at HDC.  It felt right and I continued to attend and listened, and I also started reading the Bible.

Somehow it finally dawned on me that I was fearful of giving up all these useless behaviors and giving up control of life. There was such guilt, madness, and embarrassment to be making many other choices without the help from Christ. So with all humility, I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.

Life is becoming easier, and I often use “Thy will be done” to help me stay focused. Lately, I have been working on forgiving myself, and also forgiving others. I hope for so much more ahead, as I continue in learning such as reading (Bible), listening (prayer/ meditation), learning (HDC encouragement) and sharing with others.