VV Baptism Testimonies

Rebecca Caven

My parents introduced Christ to me by taking me to church regularly, reading the Bible with me, and praying with me.  One day, my mom and I were at a Christian bookstore looking for a grown-up Bible for me.  My mom bought a license plate holder for our car that said, "In case of rapture, car's yours."  I asked my mom on the way home what rapture meant, and she explained it to me.  I thought about it and I didn't want to stay on Earth when it happens.  So I asked my mom about how I can be protected from it.  She explained the ABC's to me.  After she did, I told her that I wanted to pray that prayer right now.  So we pulled into the Wal-mart parking lot and I gave my life to Christ.  This was in March of 2011.