VV Baptism Testimonies

Osiel Reyes

I grew up catholic and my parents always told us and taught us about GOD. I would attend church with my family but never quite understood any of the messages the priest would try to convey to us. After I got older, I decided to stop going to church and have a relationship with GOD in my own way. I always believed in him but never accepted him completely into my life. I continued to live my life on my terms and not on GOD's terms. After doing that for years, GOD brought a very special person into my life who showed me a different perspective on things, specifically GOD. She invited me to HDC to "check it out" and I gladly agreed. After the first service I was hooked. I started to attend HDC regularly and after about a year while Pastor Tom told us about the ABC's at the end of a service, I told GOD I'm giving you the wheel, I'm accepting you, believing in you, and I'm choosing to put my faith in you.

Since that day, I live my life on his terms and I couldn't be happier. I read something in a book that said, "When your salvation is assured, there is nothing on this earth to fear." GOD is amazing and once I gave my life to him there was nothing in this world I could not overcome or deal with because I knew GOD always had my back. After attending HDC for years I have decided to finally take the next step in my walk with GOD and get baptized to show everyone that I live for GOD. It is funny to think how much impact your oikos has on your life. If it wasn't for my beautiful girlfriend who brought me into HDC seven years ago, I would have never began this amazing journey with GOD.