VV Baptism Testimonies

Maria Tauaese

I was baptized in a Catholic church at a young age.  I rarely attended church during the time I was living with my parents.  When I did, I was lost and confused.  I couldn't understand what church was all about.  Fast forward.......

I've been attending HDC for many years now.  Lately, I've been feeling extremely sensitive to everything.  I felt that there was something missing in my life.  So I have turned to God, asking Him, "What is my purpose/calling in life?”

I had already accepted Jesus in my life, and I knew the next step was to get baptized.  BUT, I was scared and embarrassed to go up on stage.  This was the only thing stopping me from moving forward in my journey with Jesus.  As I would witness other people getting baptized I would cry.  I would have this incredible feeling inside me.  My heart would pound as if God was knocking and telling me.  IT'S TIME! IT'S YOUR TURN!

Well here I am.....  I am excited, happy and ready to move forward in my journey with Jesus.  Today, I will be knocking in God's heart telling him I DID IT!