VV Baptism Testimonies

Julie Cavalier

Years and years I lived a life full of sin. January 2012 I found out I was pregnant. So there I was, not married, and in a horrible, abusive, dysfunctional relationship with my son’s father. I believed in prayer and all I knew was that I had to be the best person for my unborn son. I just couldn't let him down. But it took my son’s father leaving us for somebody else for me to realize I needed God, I needed Jesus, and I could not walk any longer without Him. I was so tired of being put down and hurt. I needed a foundation for my son and I.

It was October 2013 I was on a walk with my son to the park. I had been so sad because his father left us and all I wanted was my son to have a loving family. I was stressed and depressed. I texted my cousin Amy and said, "I think I need God in my life." She texted back "I'm so happy for you." Just admitting that felt so good, and I had hope. After that, she invited me to her church, and she would pray with me. I joined a mom's group and it was exactly what I needed. I learned so much from her and her church.

I'm so much better today than I was a year ago. I have so much faith in our Lord, He can't do me wrong! I'm able to live again just knowing everything is okay for us. I keep moving forward making positive choices and my faith is growing stronger each day.

Last year I made the best decision I could 've ever made; I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.