VV Baptism Testimonies

Corrina Harper-Hennings


My parents were not regular church goers but we did talk about God. As a young child I wanted to know more about God so I attend Sunday school with my neighbors. I kept a relationship with Christ through my life but fell out of line many of times. I brought my kids up learning about God but it wasn't until I moved my life from Canada to the United States that I truly knew how much I need Christ in my life. I got married and moved my son and myself to the US.  We were far away from everything we have every known and just faced many challenges and heartaches. My faith is what kept me strong for my family. 


My biggest test of faith came last summer when my son started going through some tough times. Just as I was having a hard time adjusting to life here, so was he. He fell in with the wrong type of friend, which led him on a downward spiral. I tried introducing him to the church and to Jesus but just met huge resistance. This broke my heart! I just kept praying over him that God will lead him. After hitting rock bottom he found a wonderful friend at school and asked me about trying a youth group at this church at HDC. I said YES and that started our journey with HDC. God was the one who was with me in the hardest time and I could not have gotten through it without him


This made me realize that although I had a relationship with Christ, it could always be deeper.  Watching Jesus show up in my son’s life help me to decide to walk 100% with Him.   I know I am now ready to be Baptized. I look forward to what the future holds with Christ by my side.